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Do Marlin eat Wahoo??????



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Just a quick post before I head back to Wyoming to do an Engine change and house hunt. The attached is a picture of a 500 Lb Blue Marlin caught last week in Cabo San Lucas by a 15 old boy. When they got it back to shore for weighing, they found a 35 Lb Wahoo in it's throat! Any one ever heard of t...
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reel fool
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Fri April 14, 2006 10:56pm

just last month was watching a video from early 70s of some dead bait marlin fishing--using 30-50 lb wahoos, 30-40 lb dogtooth tunas, etc for bait. they were using about 20/0 j-hooks, no bridle, just hooked thru the lip. had some footage of the bite too. fish from 900-1250 lbs, off Cairns
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Wed March 10, 2010 10:47pm

In Walkers Cay Bahamas years ago an angler boated a blue marlin with a white marlin down its throat. I have heard of other instances where blue marlin have eaten white marlin or spearfish. I ran a 51' Whiticar off of Ocean City Md. One day a friend calls me and asks me if I have ever seen a blue marlin chasing white marlin? No I wasn't doing anything so I picker up and ran the 7 miles south to him. I fished for about an hour when 4 lines went off we lost 2 fish and I still did not know what we had on . Exciting, short version we ended up catching a double header spearfish, my first spearfish in 29 yrs fishing out of OC Md So figure that blue marlin was chasing those spearfish on the surface. | | | |
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